Mrs. Chippy

When businesses started to slow down because of the pandemic our Irish Staff got together and created Mrs Chippy, the Irish Chip Shop menu and it has since  taken on a life of its own. It was initially a way to hire back all of our kitchen staff and keep them fully employed as many are from other Countries and are in the middle of processing their permanent resident papers and need to be gainfully employed. 

The food is definitely classic Chip Shop Food and has all of our Irish staff’s favourite late night food, like Curry Chips, Battered sausages and Fish and Chip Supper.We have since added a breakfast take out menu offering a Traditional Irish Breakfast Bap as well as Sausage roll and Chips and a full Irish Breakfast with Irish wheaten bread. In times like this the food is a reminder of Ireland and while we can’t travel we can taste those foods that remind us of home.
Can be picked up in person, ordered online by calling 403 262-0708 or through Skip the Dishes.